Zendah Grotto

Zendah Grotto-Tampa and Zendah Grotto Caldron 103 (the woman’s arm of the organization) has supported UCP of Tampa Bay’s Early Education Center for many years and in many ways.  Zendah Grotto members visit our center three times per year. They come at Easter, adorned with baskets, stuffed animals, and goodies for all of our students. The Easter Bunny has accompanied them on several visits over the years. Next, they put on a fall festival celebration. The children dress in costumes and happily travel from person to person, collecting goodies along the way. The last celebration of the year (but certainly not least), is a Christmas celebration, complete with a visit from Santa! These events are yearly traditions that the children and staff look forward to.

Zendah Grotto is also gracious enough to provide a yearly scholarship to our Early Education Center. These funds enable a child to attend our inclusionary preschool for a year. What a difference this makes to the life of a child and their family! Thank you Zedah Grotto for the smiles, laughter, and memories you have provided for over 20 years. You generous support has changed the lives of so many children and their families.